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Classes and Seminars

In-depth and inspiring, our classes will prepare you to tackle your building's toughest problems. Designed and taught by New York's top professionals on upcoming or hot-button issues  you will leave armed with the materials and information you need to make and enact wise business decisions.

Click here for a list of upcoming classes and seminars. Register below, and we will contact you when we set dates and begin registration.

Big Apple Meetups

BIG APPLE CAI​Meetups connect you with Board members from other local buildings at neighborhood venues to learn about the issues that matter to you.

You bring the questions. We bring the experts. You get solutions while meeting neighbors in similar positions and you don't have to leave your neighborhood to it.

Choose from our list of topics or request your own. Register below and we will send you our Meetup link when it goes active.

Bootcamps for

New owners and shareholders

Excitement over a new apartment can quickly turn to dismay if you anger your new neighbors and are taken to task for violating building policy. Our bootcamps take the guesswork out of alteration policies, house rules, moving policies, insurance policies, and other requirements, allowing new relationships between neighbors and with property management firms and building staff to start off on the right foot.


BIG APPLECAI connects you with the resources you need, the education you seek, and answers you can trust.Through our online resources, events and updates, we provide the tools and contacts you need to improve your building without wasting your time.

For over 40 years, CAI has helped boards and homeowners get the answers they need.

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We're here to help you thrive

legislative action

co-op and condo owners & Board Members


Our finished website will have all the tools and information you need in place.

A searchable calendar with

  • deadlines for city filings and state and federal regulations
  • a list of classes and events occurring at organizations throughout the city

News & updates including

  • changes in codes and regulations
  • results from legal cases
  • new products and services on the market

A vendor directory

  • a list of vendors with experience in the New York City co-op and condo industry
  • a search feature that allows you to look for vendors by name, industry, zip code and speciality

A community forum

  • interact with other Board members from similar buildings or from your neighborhood
  • join CAI and use their members only exchange service

Check BIG APPLE CAI's News Page to see what's changed in the industry. Search our past news articles to find information on a subject you're interested in. Gain insights on various topics from industry experts.

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CAI's NY Legislative Action Committee (LAC) tracks bills in Albany to protect the interests of shareholders and unit owners. The committee reviews the bills that would impact co-ops, condominiums, and homeowner associations in NYS and discusses any potential negative consequences BEFORE the bills become law.

BIG APPLECAI's members of the LAC, together with CNYC, track bills that have been introduced in our City Council.

Search for vendors from among BIG APPLECAI's business partners, all of whom have experience in the NYC

co-op and condo market.

Our vendor search will let you look for vendors by name, industry, zip code and speciality.

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