NYC's Community Association Institute

INSURANCE Get practical advice on how to bid out insurance policies / Evaluate policies and determine proper coverage / Determine how to review contractors’ policies / Learn about Homeowners Insurance

CAPITAL PROJECTS Prepare for the process of specifying and bidding out capital work / Review benefits of AIA contracts / Discuss engineer/architect oversight / Discuss how to choose a contractor

FINANCIALS Learn to budget, review (and or create) financial statements, read audited statements, develop protocols to prevent fraud and kickbacks

NON-UNION LABOR OPTIONS Learn the different benefits of employees and contractors / Develop a tickler list and/or job description / Discuss insurance requirements

REQUEST YOUR OWN Suggest a topic you are interested in. If we have the expertise and ten other Board Members sign up, we’ll come out and do the class.

Sunday Seminars


connect. learn. excel.

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New Owner


It’s All in the Claim!

Learn how to avoid conflicts and potential lawsuits by understanding how insurance works in co-ops and condos. Discover who is responsible for what and which party’s insurance should cover damages. Find out the limitations of various coverages for both homeowners insurance and building insurance. Learn when and how to put in claims and how to use an advocate if your carrier rejects or downplays your claim.


Requirements & Opportunities

NYC's goal to reduce emissions 80 percent by 2050 will bring both new requirements and new programs as buildings struggle to go green, greener and greenest.

At our energy seminar

  • learn how to best comply with Local Law 84’s benchmarking requirements
  • explore what your benchmarking numbers mean
  • discover actions you can take to reduce your usage and costs
  • learn about the plethora of programs offered by NYSERDA, Con Edison, National Grid, NYC Retrofit Accelerator, Community Retrofit NYC, New York City Benchmarking Help Center and others, and how you can take advantage of them.

Leave with new contacts, new ideas and concrete plans for your building.

Go Green. Save Money. Help the World.

events for homeowners

Keeping Your New Home

(and Neighbors) Happy

You thought you’d never get to closing!

Now the keys are in your hand and you’re ready to transform your new apartment into the vision of your dreams. Before taking the plunge, learn how not to run afoul of your building’s policies. Advice on alterations, moves, deliveries and noise restrictions.

Plus, discover how co-ops and condos really run.

Avoid New Construction Blues

A multi-class seminar for Board members in new Condominiums: Freeing you to enjoy your home and eliminate your headaches.

FINANCIAL: Structuring your budget in a mixed-use condominium to avoid conflict with commercial units • Determining your reserve fund needs • Understanding your tax benefits

LEGAL: Ensuring the transfer from sponsor to Board runs smoothly • Understanding and enforcing your governing documents

STRUCTURAL: Confirming your building is truly finished and your guarantees and warranties are in place

Forensic Accounting

Learn the Tricks of the Trade and Prevent Fraud Like a Pro

Dig through your past financials and piece together the answers of where your money went. Don’t repeat mistakes of the past. Learn how to request and review monthly financial statements to detect and prevent fraud and kickbacks from occurring at your building.
Develop financial checks and balances and apply proven tactics in your bidding processes to stop kickbacks before they occur.

Bonus! A debate on the New Board vs. Developer relationship: Are the new owners always David and the developers always Goliath? Hear a prominent NYC co-op/condo attorney take on a prominent developer and learn what both sides need for a successful transfer.

Big Apple Meetups

Connecting neighbors with similar issues. Providing an expert with answers & information.
Building communal resources.

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Big Apple CAI

There will be a small fee ($10-15) for Meetups based on food costs at local venues.

CAI members will receive a slight discount.